About you

You work either for a medium to large corporation, or an organisation, or an institution. You might even work for a charity (we do pro-bono work for causes we care deeply about).

Your job title might be Product Manager, Head of Design or Head of Innovation. You could be the founder of a new start up, or hitting the scale-up stage with a wealth of ideas you’re looking to progress. The job title isn’t important, what matters is that you’re fantastic at it. The word ‘passionate’ is overrated in business, but it definitely applies to you.

And you’ve come to this website because you understand the importance of including your customers in the design of your products and services. Perhaps you’ve read somewhere, or know from experience, that the best product and service design is based on research, not intuition.

People-centred design

You’ve likely used terrible products or services yourself and wondered if the designer even thought for one minute about the people who might use it — because it’s frustrating to use, or not fit for purpose. So you understand the frustration of using things that haven’t been designed with people in mind. Which means you’re really keen to put people at the centre of your product or service design. Fantastic.

You may have heard about ethnography already (the research method we use). You’ve probably read some articles that explain how anthropology and ethnography are key to deeper customer insight, key to identifying innovation opportunities. You think it sounds like the thing you’ve been looking for — the missing piece of the puzzle. You just haven’t had the opportunity yet to introduce ethnographic research into your design project: perhaps it wasn’t the right time or the right project, or the CEO wasn’t convinced.

Right time, right place

But now is the right time for you, for the company or organisation you’re working for, for the project you’re working on. That’s great news!

So it sounds like you’ve come to the right place. We’d love to talk with you to understand your project, what you’re trying to achieve, and how the ethnographic research we do can help you design products and services that your customers will love.

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