About you

You’ve come to this website because, although you've spent money on consumer or user research, your product or service idea isn't quite the success you expected.

You work either for a medium to large corporation, or an organisation, or an institution. Your job title might be Product Manager, Creative Director, Head of Design, or Head of Innovation. You could be the founder of a new start up, or hitting the scale-up stage with a wealth of ideas you’re looking to progress. The job title isn’t important, what matters is that you’re fantastic at it. The word ‘passionate’ is overrated in business, but it definitely applies to you.

You've done all the right things to learn about your customers or users and what they want  surveys, focus groups, phone interviews, you might even have stepped out of the office and chatted to some people. All the things you're supposed to do, right? 

You've got all the data, created your personas, which you've turned into posters and stuck on the office wall. 

But sales could be higher, your branding isn't really connecting with people, you're not really standing out in the crowded marketplace. No one gets your brilliant idea.

So you're feeling frustrated. You don't know how to get closer to your customers to bridge the gap. And you don't want to spend any more money on research. We get that.

What if we told you there was another type of research that would help you really understand your customers or users in a way that no other research method can? Tried, tested, and proven. That would give you that a-ha! moment? (Imagine the thrill!) Research that would reveal all your customers' pain points and unmet needs? (All those innovation opportunities your competitors have overlooked!) Research that would give you a unique, fresh perspective, an edge over your competitors?

Now you're really excited, aren't you? So are we! Because we can't wait to show you your customers, who they really are, what they really want, how you can really connect with them, and how you can design products and services they actually want.

Call us, tell us about your project, your challenges, what you’re trying to achieve. We can help.

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