Life under Coronavirus in Bristol

We are all living in strange and surreal times, facing an unknown future. Life as we know it has changed over a matter of weeks. Countries are on lockdown, people are working from home, airports are silent, supermarket shelves are being emptied, cities are becoming like ghost towns. This is unprecedented in my lifetime, and possibly yours too.

Because we're anthropologistsscientists who study people and societywe'd like to contribute to the local (and perhaps even global) understanding of how a pandemic like coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts the citizens of our city, Bristol.

Over the next few months, we'd like to follow the lives of about 8-10 working Bristolians to capture how life is changing for youyour thoughts, fears, and hopes, and how life has already changed for you (e.g. hand-washing, shopping, socialising, working) and how you think life might change.

We're doing this because our lives have changed too—work looks uncertain, projects are being cancelled. So we might as well do what we do best: capture the lives of people to understand, in this case, how they respond to an urgent public health crisis. With the hope that we can give back something small but valuable to our city: knowledge of real lives lived during a pandemic.

Would you like to share how you feel about life under COVID-19?

The overall aim of the project is to understand how different communities in Bristol respond to this public health crisis. Because this project is not being paid for by a client, we can share both our progress and the interim findings with you on our blog. We believe this will be an important project that will contribute to the city as a whole: our history and our understanding of how we respond to urgent and unparalleled change.

We'd like to hear from the working community in Bristol: small business owners, working parents, people working in supermarkets, people who usually commute to work in another city (e.g. London)...

We would love to hear from you if:

  • you are interested in being involved in this project and have the time to do so.
  • you live in Bristol.
  • you are between the ages of 18-65.
  • you are currently employed (full-time, part-time, contract, freelance, gig worker) or run your own business or company.
  • you have access to technology such as a smartphone, computer, wifi, or a landline so that we can talk to you safely, without endangering your health or ours.

What is involved?

We would like to:

  • talk to you via your smartphone or computer (which makes it really easy for you to take part), and
  • spend about 60 minutes talking with you about every 1-2 weeks over a period of several months. 
  • ask you to create video diaries or written diaries to capture your thoughts and feelings over the course of the project.

What should I do if I want to be involved?

What happens next?

After you contact us, we will get in touch and provide you with an information sheet. This document explains in more detail the aims of our project, the data we're collecting, what we do with it, and so on. You can decide whether you want to participate and even when you agree, you can still opt out at any time. Your data is completely anonymised and stored securely (which is outlined in the information we will send you).

About us

Mundy and Anson Ltd is a specialist research agency based in Bristol. You can find out more about us hereDawn Walter is our Managing Director.