Events and talks

We are the Founders and organisers of the successful Anthropology + Technology conference. 

We also regularly give talks about anthropology, how to get close to your customers and users, artificial intelligence (AI), and responsible tech innovation. We run workshops too.

Anthropology + Technology conference

The conference brings together social scientists and technologists to discuss socially-responsible AI. Its aim is to invite the tech industry to start thinking about the societal impact of this so-called “fourth industrial revolution” alongside scientists who have deep knowledge of and about people and society, namely anthropologists and sociologists.


Our 2020 conference is currently being planned. It will take place on Friday 9 October at City Hall, Bristol. Sign up to the monthly newsletter and be the first to hear when tickets are on sale.


Our inaugural, successful Anthropology + Technology conference took place on 3 October 2019 at the Watershed in Bristol. The 2019 Anthropology + Technology Conference summary page has links to the keynote videos on our YouTube channel and Powered by PechaKucha! (lightning) talks as well as the 2019 Delegate Pack and PechaKucha Programme.

Bristol Anthropology + Technology meetup

We organise and run the Bristol Anthropology + Technology meetup. Join us for some fascinating conversations each month with leading AI and robotic experts as well as social scientists and others working in the artificial intelligence space.

This group was set up following the 2019 Anthropology + Technology Conference. Other Anthropology + Technology groups in countries across Europe have also been set up together with a Slack channel. The aim of these local groups is to continue the conversations started at the conference and to foster the community that has formed around the intersection of social science, law, and technology that transcends borders and distance. With the aim that we all come together — both physically and perhaps virtually — at the conference in 2020.

Bristol & Bath Research & Insights meetup

We are the co-founders and co-organisers of the Bristol & Bath Research & Insights Meetup, which brings together strategists, anthropologists, consumer researchers, insight and brand researchers in the South West.


We've been invited to talk at these events:

I'll Be Back South West, 10 December 2019, Bristol — Dawn shared the amazing day that was the Anthropology + Technology Conference.

Bath Girl Geek Dinners, 26 November 2019, Bath — Dawn talked about why she created the Anthropology + Technology Conference and why we need (more) anthropologists in tech.

University College London, Anthropology in the Professional World Seminar Series, 20 November 2019, London — Dawn talked about being an anthropologist in business and sharing what she's learned transitioning from academia to industry with UCL anthropology students.

AI in Health and Care, 6 November 2019, Bristol — Mundy & Anson partnered with One HealthTech (OHT) for this event, which was part of the Bristol Technology Festival. Dawn gave a talk about how to innovate responsibly and why anthropologists are important tech team members.

Spindogs, 27 June 2019, Cardiff — Dawn was invited by Spindogs to talk to their clients about how an anthropological approach can get you closer to your customers.

DMA (Data & Marketing Association), 25 April 2019, Bristol — The DMA dedicated an entire event to the subject of emotional marketing. Dawn was invited to explain how applying an anthropological lens will inspire your teams to bring a unique perspective to their creative work and give them an edge over your competitors. She took everyone on an anthropological journey through some advertising campaigns, looking at emotion, exploring ‘woke’ advertising, and showing how you can avoid your campaign being dubbed “the year’s worst marketing move” (Gillette ad).

I'll Be Back South West, 4 October 2018, Bristol — Dawn gave a talk on AI in Advertising: What Are The Consequences of Your Work?


If you are interested in being involved in the 2020 Anthropology + Technology conference or want to invite us to talk at your event, contact Mundy & Anson today >