Finding a solution to a problem means beginning with your audience (employees, citizens, users) and understanding them in context (at work, at home).

We run a workshop called Understanding People's Behaviour By Learning To Look, which emphasises collaboration and interaction. By watching people in context and exploring how social practices underpin behaviour, you will create solutions that actually work.

Our workshop:

  • is led by our Founder and social anthropologist, Dawn Walter, who has extensive experience in designing and delivering training courses to both small and large groups.
  • comprises small groups of between 6-12 people.
  • starts from the principle that trying to find a solution to a problem means beginning with your intended audience (employees, citizens, users). By understanding the problem in context, you can create a solution that works.
  • can be tailored to your organisationTalk to us today if you would prefer in-house training at your place of work. We can tailor our workshop so it is directly relevant to your projects, objectives, and goals.

Our training venue

We can bring the training to you or to any offsite training venue anywhere in the United Kingdom. Our Bristol venue is:

  • Centrally located.
  • Easily accessible by public transport and car, as well as walking distance from Temple Meads railway station.
  • Spacious and modern with natural daylight.

What people are saying

— "Really interesting, interactive, and impactful workshop where you get to work with different kinds of people and get thinking and looking."

— "Opens your eyes to what you take for granted around you."

— "A reminder of the power of insight, to not assume and that collaboration gets you to a better place."

— "The workshop was excellent and good fun."

— "It’s a great opportunity to take a step back and reflect about people and their behaviour."


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