Your challenges

How can you be sure that your new product or service will succeed? Launching something new is always a leap of faith, but you can tip the odds in your favour if you truly understand the people you’re designing it for.

You’d be more confident if you knew your products and services were hitting the spot in terms of what your customers actually want.

How do you get that confidence? Insights based on ethnographic consumer research, not intuition, will help you give your new product or service the best chance of becoming a resounding success.

Your challenges

You want to design new products and services. But bringing new products and services to the market is both time-consuming and expensive, and success isn’t always guaranteed. 

Are you feeling frustrated by any of these challenges? If so, we can help.

  • You want to explore new product or service offerings, and discover customer needs that will reveal untapped business opportunities.
  • You have a design problem, and you need insights and solutions grounded in research.
  • You want to understand what your customers really do (and want and need) as opposed to what they say they do.
  • You want to increase engagement with your company by understanding your customers better.
  • You want to inspire your teams by bringing a unique perspective to their creative work and give them an edge over your competitors.

By grounding your product and service design in research you’re far more likely to disrupt the marketplace with something your customers will love. 

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